Core 7 Fitness

My tribe.

My sanity.

My strength.

5 years ago, I found myself recovering from a very hard pregnancy, and a very hard delivery. My arthritis was the worst it had every been. My body was struggling. My mind was struggling. I was in pain each and every day, not wanting to work out. Because honestly, it was the last thing that was on my mind.

Until I got an invitation from husbands family to come and try this new studio out. They had barre classes. The first week they were open was free. What would one class hurt? I probably wouldn’t like it anyway.

I was so wrong. At the end of the class, the instructor was sharing some powerful thoughts. I can’t remember what exactly was said, but I do remember what I felt. I felt peace and love and strength. I was stronger than I had been when I walked in. I had been worked not only physically, but emotionally. I challenged myself. And I was able to finish the class. I went back, again and again, and again. Each time feeling stronger, in less pain, and I craved being in class. So I kept going. I noticed a change in myself physically, mentally. I was a better wife, mom, and friend. I had more energy.

Fast forward 5 years. We are now Core 7 Fitness. When I say “we”, well, I started managing the studio 4 years ago. I had to have more of it in my life.



I firmly believe, that when we challenge ourselves, and not compare ourselves to other’s its when we truly shine.


The friendships I’ve made are priceless. The goals I’ve been able to set for myself, have made me stronger.I love the women I am able to associate with each and every day.

And a bonus? We have great music and great instructors.


So really, if you want to try a class, come join me and the other’s at Core 7 Fitness. It’s life changing. First class is free on me. Go to the Core 7 Fitness website to get other great deals. Hope to see you soon at the barre.




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