I’m getting crafty!

I love craft days…. and I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had one in months…. unless you count the DIY cake plates. But technically that was for the book, right?

Have you seen Pinterest lately? There are some great ideas for fall and Halloween decorations.  So, I was craving Hobby Lobby one morning- and called my friend Miranda to go with. You see, it’s more fun with a friend. We saw these cute witch legs, and had to get them. That’s when our brain started working overtime. And we went around the store, grabbing things to make a Halloween wreath. We ended up with this:

– wreath
– tulle
– witch legs
– add ins (skeletons, pumpkins, bats, etc.)
– small Halloween sign (we choose- A Haunting We Will Go & Trick or Treat)

Now, in order to get the full effect with the tulle, we purchased 3 spools (12 yards each) of black tulle. And that worked out perfectly. You could basically get a cute sign, Halloween inspired to hang in the middle, and any other great add-ins to fill your wreath.

Miranda liked this sign. It’s sparkly, and has purple, orange and green. Really, you could choose what you already have in your Halloween decor, or use this as an excuse to get something new.

And this is the final picture of mine. I wouldn’t recommend hanging this wreath outside, unless you have a completely covered porch, so I hung mine on the closet door in the living room.

Happy Crafting!

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