My Secrets to Success with meal prepping


Meal Prep. I’ve been doing this for over a year now. I don’t think I’ve missed more than 1 week. I was out of town. But other than that, MONDAY is my meal prep day. So, let’s start at the beginning. First things first. How do I start meal prepping for myself/family? Here’s my secrets to success.


-Choose easy recipes that you know you will love. If you love chicken, then choose recipes that have chicken. If you hate fish, well then, don’t try a new recipe with fish. Because you’re going to be eating it a few times during the week.



-BUY some great containers that wash, stack, and are durable. It’s an investment for sure. But not super expensive. I have these two favorite containers.





-It’s best to wait until all your components of the meal are ready to go. Assembly is faster, not waiting for ingredients, and you can quickly move on to the next meal. I like to cool my food down, before assembly too.


-MULTITASK. Often times I have both skillets, the grill, and my Instantpot going all at once. Even the oven. Don’t be afraid to roast your veggies at once, on multiple cookie sheets, that way time is not wasted. Chop all the veggies together and set aside for multiple recipes. Cook the meat in various ways, at the same time. Etc.


-Clean up as you go. Don’t save the dishes for the end of the project! If you have a few minutes, wash some pans, wipe the counters. Keep your space clean and tidy. I know that sounds hilarious. But it’s a better. Promise.


– ALWAYS start with a good healthy recipe. And, I have the perfect solution. Pick up your copy of Core 7 Fueled TODAY. It’s the perfect cookbook to get your started. Easy, healthy and delicious recipes.


I am so excited for you to start YOUR own journey. BUY the book, pick one recipe and GO. Whether its a lunch or dinner, it doesn’t matter.


What are my favorite meal prep recipes?

Black Bean Burger p. 85

Chicken Marsala p. 87

Moroccan Buddha Bowl p. 53


AND I also shared 3 of my favorite recipes on Studio 5. Search my name under Recipes.

Happy meal prepping friends!

Here’s to eating a little healthier!


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