What does Julia Child have to do with cupcakes?

What does Julia Child have to do with cupcakes? How do they go together? If you have but a moment I will tell you. I went to the movies on Friday and saw Julie and Julia with my dear girlfriends to celebrate my birthday. It was great! First off, I have to say that Meryl Streep and Amy Adams did a fantastic job, as well as the entire cast.

As viewers, we now have a better glimpse of what Julia Child was like behind the camera. The movie was intriguing, funny and educational. Ms. Child had a passion for food, far beyond what her show and book previously told us. She truly mastered the art of French cuisine and taught us how to be successful in the ordinary American kitchen. She found joy in cooking, entertaining, learning and taking on a challenge to be the best at what she does. Every day she got up with enthusiasm and a smile on her face.

Now for blogger Julie Powell, she was desperately wanting to find a job with purpose and to use her passion for food to make her happy. Deciding to blog about cooking her way through Julia Child’s cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. She is a smart and funny woman surrounded by friends and family who both support and dislike what she is doing. Her quest to finish all 524 recipes in 1 year is a huge task, but she plows through it despite the challenges of cooking a live lobster and taking the bones out of a duck, only to name a few. Good for her!

I guess what I would like to say is that part of me could feel what Julie Powell went through. The obstacles of cooking and baking, even though it is a passion. The sweet victory when a recipe is a huge success, and the frustration when all you have left is a charred or hardened cupcake that doesn’t look or taste very good. The emotions the enormous task in front of you are sometimes overwhelming.

This has been a journey unlike any other I have ever had. The ups and downs are all worth it, and in the end, my cookbook is published. I have made it though this part of the journey and I am looking forward to the next part, wherever it may take me. I have had wonderful support from my friends and family. My husband has seen it all, heard it all and he still loves me. He has even pretty much tasted it all- each and every cupcake, at some point in time. They are my biggest fans and I am so thankful for each of them. I feel blessed to have found my passion in life. Baking and cooking calm me, allow my mind to search for new ideas and in some weird way give me peace and strength. So here’s to cupcakes and more cupcakes! And as Julia would say, ” Bon Appetit!”

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