Unicorn inspired treats on Studio 5


Every little girl’s dream. To have a rainbow or unicorn themed birthday party. I was so excited for this fun assignment from Studio 5. You can get the recipes here.




Simply make your cupcake batter, then divide into 4 bowls evenly. Use your favorite food coloring to get the desired colors. Remember that the colors do darken a bit when they are baked.



Fill the ice cream cones only 3/4 full. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 10-13 minutes, or until the cake springs back when lightly touched. (full recipe on the Studio 5 website.)


And here’s how you assemble the head of the unicorn.



You will need:

24 baked and cooled cupcakes

1 batch of vanilla butter cream frosting and colored frosting

Board or large baking sheet to place the cupcakes on

Sugar cone or fondant “horn”

Edible glitter or sprinkles for decoration

Place your cupcakes on the board, pictured above. Once you are happy with the placement, secure the cupcakes to the board with a dot of frosting on the bottom of each liner. Frost entire cupcake shape with white butter cream frosting. Pipe on the rainbow hair, using the colored butter cream, being creative to swirl, and curly lines. You can shape butter cream into an ear, nostrils, and jaw line. Sprinkle with glitter or sprinkles for added effect. Add the horn and you are good to go!


My favorite sugar cookie turned into rainbow sugar cookies with glitter! The recipe is also available on Studio 5.


Happy Baking!!!

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