Top 10 Things I’ve learned from Costco Book Signings

Costco is one of those places that you can never seem to get enough of. I seem to be there close to once a week, and throughout this “tour” of Costco with my book signings, sometimes 3x’s a week. One week there were 4 trips to Costco up and down the wasatch front.

There are many things I have learned from Costco over this time. One night at Costco can be a learning experience, not just a great time meeting people. I complied this top ten list during a recent trip for a book signing. (I was laughing so much, I actually got more people to come and talk with me. ) Without further discussion, here is my Top 10 Things I’ve learned from Costco book signings!

10. Taking your wife to Costco on a Friday evening qualifies as a “cheap” date.

9. You will ALWAYS run into someone from your past. Hopefully it will be someone who is excited to see you.

8. Free lunch daily, from 11-1 pm, buffet menu differs day to day.

7. If you intend to be there longer than 1 hour, bring a scarf, gloves, hat, and wear 2 pairs of socks.

6. Bigger isn’t always better ….. i.e., 5 lb. bag of chocolate chips, nacho cheese sauce, vegetable shortening, and ice cream. Come on! Go for the vegetables and lean meats! Don’t forget your copy of the best cupcake cookbook EVER!

5. If you want to go into labor, walking around Costco for 2 hours while chasing your 2 year old and husband in tow can do it! (seriously?) No cart, just walking and grabbing onto anything available every 4 minutes.

4. It is NOT appropriate to wear short shorts, no matter how slim and trim you may be. It’s just not. Enough said.

3. When a dirty old man tell you that he has written a book too, don’t ask the subject matter. Resist the temptation and look for security.

2. Thinking you are the first one to ask for “cupcake samples” isn’t so funny after the 100th time, but go ahead and laugh yourself silly anyway.

1. If you are sitting there long enough, a single man will come up to you and ask for your hand in marriage! (Happened 2x’s actually.)

I had a great run with Costco signings. I learned a lot about the store, but mostly about myself. Thank you Costco for inviting me to come and participate in author signings. I hope we meet again soon, possibly with my new cookbook, 101 Gourmet Cookies due out in the fall! Happy Baking!

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