Happy National Cupcake Day!

Is there really a need to celebrate cupcakes? Why yes, there is. In fact a whole day is set aside for a cute little cupcake! There’s always a reason to bake, and here is a great one that your family will thank you for. BAKE! BAKE! BAKE!

I woke up at 5:30 am this morning, to make and frost cupcakes, not only because today was National Cupcake Day, but I had a baking class at the Davis Medical Plaza- seniors class. The day was off to a great start… my kitchen smelled great. Baking makes me happy, what can I say. Call me weird, but I already know that. My son got to lick the frosting out of the empty bowl for part of his breakfast. Not a great habit to start, but he’s just so cute with those dark brown eyes looking at me. And the fact it was 5:30 am. So I made the Candy Cane & Gingerbread Cookie cupcakes. (2 of my favorites)

I got to the class just fine, no cupcake damage on the way, no traffic, no problem. There was a great class there today. I loved it. I even had cupcakes there for them to frost and then take home. Sold some more books.

I saw my friend Mary from the store A Little Something….. she came over to say hello. I was invited to a lunch for her volunteers…I drug my mother- in-law. She was my assistant for the day. The Davis Bistro(@ Davis Medical Center)= fantastic food. Our menu was Green Beans with candied pecans, strawberry and pine nut salad with raspberry dressing, Brie Mashed Potatoes, yes I said Brie as in cheese…. and last but not least chicken priscutto rolls with a dijon gravy. Oh, and there was dessert. And we were sung to by a great local artist Jeff (I can’t remember his last name, darn it!).

Then with my M.I.L in tow, we went to A Little Something and had ourselves a little something of a shopping spree. Not too bad, but such cute things I couldn’t help myself. Last minute shopping and all.

BTW, A Little Something in Layton (Davis Medical Center) is having a HUGE sale… Friday, December 18th from 9 am to closing. They are doing a pick your own savings day. Arrive early to choose your candy, each candy is given a tag with the amount you are going to save. I have a feeling I will try to make it back there… If you can, try yourself. You won’t be dissappointed.

Anyway, I better get going. I have more cupcakes to make, after all it is a day to celebrate. I will be posting a great new cupcake recipe this evening along with a photo, so get your baking engines started! Happy Baking!

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